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"Over the years that Susan has had her ear clinic open she has had many people visit her. These are what a few people said about their service:

I found that having my ears cleaned with the suction method as used at the "Cambridge Ear Clinic" by Susan Blanchard was very thorough, professional and well performed.
Only a slight tickle was felt during the operation but the results were very satisfactory. I go to Susan on a regular basis to have my ears cleaned and find it helps immensely with my wax problem and the fact I also have hearing aids.
I have no hesitation in recommending the "Cambridge Ear Clinic" for excellent results'.



"I have had two visits to Sue over a two to three-year period and each time have been treated in a very friendly and respectful manner. As she worked, Sue explained each step of the procedure, which was carried out with very little discomfort. I have every confidence in her professional skills and will be happy to return as necessary in the future."


"Cambridge ear clinic offers a quick and easy solution for ear wax problems carried out by an experienced professional nurse. It is an excellent local service".



"As a patient with Susan Blanchard for a number of years I have her to be very courteous, reliable and most of all very professional in her line of work. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending her to my friends or other people"



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